Handheld Computers

  • Ultra-Rugged Mobile Computer
  • Optimized for Distribution
  • Flexible and configurable

Vehicle-Mount Terminal

  • Optimized for vehicles
  • Cold Storage Capable
  • Internal UPS Backup

Wearable Scanner

  • Improved Performance
  • Excellent Motion Tolerance
  • Outstanding reliability,
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Enterprise Mobile Applications

With the fast growth of Mobility in recent years, more Enterprises are adopting Mobile Technologies to improve their business operations, enhance business opportunities, and to gain market advantages over competitors.

Our broad expertise in mobile development allow us to; design, create and integrate enterprise mobile Apps on all available platforms according to your unique needs and requirements. Over the past years, we have worked with Organizations from different Industries creating powerful mobile apps capable of managing complex operational task.

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Handheld Computers

WES provide the most advanced enterprise-ready 4G/LTE handheld computers.

Used for scan-intensive workflows completed by your highly mobile frontline employees – people who require the convenience and capabilities of a truly mobile office, plus the highest degree of future-proofing to speed business agility and lower total cost of ownership.

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Mobile Thermal Printers

We provide fast mobile thermal printers for the most rugged environments. They feature the latest wireless technology for untethered use, increasing worker productivity.

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Wearable Scanners

High Performance Ring Scanners provides the capability to read virtually any 1D or 2D barcode in a rugged and ergonomic scanner that mounts on the index finger and interfaces directly with wrist-mounted Wearable Solutions.

ConsultingPress IT Security Consulting VUlnerability and Threat Management

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