Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

  • HTML5 client connection
  • Secured server communication
  • Windows, iOS, Android or smartphone


  • KVM
  • Hyper-V

Unified Communications

  • Skype for Business Server
  • Asterisk
  • 3CX
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Managed Infrastructure Services

Our technical experts and strategic IT consulting staff provide you with a powerful range of ongoing IT support solutions that will meet all of your technical needs, solve your business IT challenges, and help you grow your business.

what we do



    Our CIO/CTO services are designed to maintain all aspects of your IT systems to ensure your company continues to function at maximum performance levels

    As your trusted Advisor we will provide IT strategy recommendations that will maintain your current healthy IT environment while providing insights and strategies for your future IT requirements, allowing your it infrastructure to fully support your growing business.

    • IT strategy recommendations.
    • Analysis of existing business processes.
    • Identifying and developing the capability to use new technology tools.
    • Identifying new Technology Trends for the business.
    • Reshaping the enterprise's physical infrastructure and network access to support business growth.

    Creating a long and lasting relationship with vendors is crucial for business success, but how do you know when you are building the right relationships with the right partners or perhaps buying the right hardware and software to support your company’s IT structure?

    Allow our experts with a deep understanding of Computer Software and Hardware products give you the peace of mind you need to concentrate all your energies in building a better stronger relationship with your customers, without worrying about in your IT infrastructure.

    • Create a single point of contact with all Hardware and Software vendors
    • Develop strong and beneficiary relationship with vendors
    • Reduce time and save money
    • Offer platform and software recommendations and configuration support
    • Provide warranty and vendor agreement tracking management
    • Ensure asset inventory and reconciliation is up to date


    We provide our clients with a centralized point of contact for all IT related questions, incidents and requests. Whether the problem is email, network access, or another technical question, our Help Desk is here to assist you. We also provide support and training to our customer's staff.

    • Multi-technology support
    • Online live support chat capabilities
    • Phone Assistance
    • Complete trouble ticket tracking and reporting solution
    • Guaranteed service levels
    • Custom response requirements

    Your data represents the core of your business. You have invested money and time in developing your business data. It’s the life blood of your organization. Every business depends on their data for daily operations, loss of data can be devastating.

    At WES we understand the importance of keeping your data safe and protected from hardware malfunctions, human errors, software corruption, theft, fire, and other natural disasters. We offer a full managed backup service with proactive remote administration and monitoring so you don't have to worry about data recovery when a disaster strikes.


    A Business continuity plan helps you to anticipate and plan for the wide range of issues that can affect your daily business IT systems, so you can maintain business operations when adverse conditions occur.

    The following are examples of adverse conditions:

    • The building loses electrical power or is flooded forcing your employees to work from home.
    • Data has been destroyed by fire or other local disaster, and needs to be restored quickly and efficiently.
    • The electrical power is out, requiring start-up of an emergency power generator.

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