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Custom Software Development

WES is dedicated to assist businesses with their unique needs by providing complete value-added Custom Software Development Services.

We select the best technologies and methodologies for carrying each custom application process. By Applying these methods we deliver applications that ensure, scalability , flexibility, maintainability and return of investment.

How we do it

Our approach focus on maximize performance while minimizing risk and cost. Our development approach starts by working closely with you collaboratively collecting requirements to identify and understand your business vision and goals.

The next step is to set clear requirements and objectives, our team of experts integrate those concepts ideas using latest technologies to transform your vision from a conceptualization to a successful solution.

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what we do



    Our team will work with you collecting information to define and perfecting your requirements.


    Knowing all your requirements we will prepare a SOW document defining project tasks to be acomplished and the services to be delivered.


    During this phase WES will assign a software designer to create a unfinish version of the final product to obtain value feedbacks from the users early at the project.


    WES Development Team build a solution that will meets all your requirements.


    The testing phase verify the deliverable of the implementation. The goal at this level is to evaluate whether the system has complied with all of the outlined requirements and Quality Standards.


    Our implementation team will deploy the solution in your enviroment.


    Maintenance and Support plays a complementary role to software development. We provide you with a 12 months of free support, whether it is a maintenance or product support our team will be an effecient resource to help you maximize the return on investment and improve your business process.


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